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We deliver a high end experience at a low cost. People consider leaving their home country for medical care for a number of reasons though the principle reasons are cost and accessibility.

MedAfford Global Procedures

Due to the substantial cost savings, an increasing number of people are having major medical and dental procedures done abroad. The reasons for this is that many people either do not have insurance, have insurance with limited coverage or pre-existing conditions or are simply not covered by insurance.

Others consider medical tourism because they are seeking medical procedures that are not available in their home country. Others travel abroad because the wait for receiving the medical care in the nationalized system is too long or has been denied to them.

When faced with the need for major dental work, orthopedic, bariatric or other major surgeries, many people have traveled abroad to get the care they need and could not afford or get back home.

Medical Procedures

  •     AC Ligament
  •     Ankle Cartilage Surgery
  •     Ankle Fusion
  •     Ankle Joint Replacement
  •     Arm Lift
  •     Carpal Tunnel Surgery
  •     Cataract Removal
  •     Cheek Implants

Cosmetic Procedures

  •     Brachioplasty
  •     Breast Radiation Therapy
  •     Breast Cancer
  •     Brain Tumor
  •     Body Lift
  •     Bone Marrow
  •     Cataract Removal
  •     Cancer Treatment

Dental Procedures

  •     Dental Bone Graft
  •     Dental Bridges
  •     Dental Crowns
  •     Dental Implants
  •     Dental Inlays
  •     Dental Veneers
  •     Dentures