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Frequently Asked Questions

Is International Doctors Network (IDN) a tour facilitator?
No. IDN credentials physicians abroad holding them to the same standards which physicians in the United States are held if they wish to be part of a recognized network.

Can I just pay a fee to join?
No. In order to begin the process an enrollment fee is required. However this does not guarantee acceptance. ONLY those doctors complying with the requested application and references will be allowed to advance through the process. Only after every detail is verified through Primary sources is an invitation and agreement of participation extended to the Doctor.

Do I need to have studied in the USA?
While helpful it is not necessary! Meeting specialty standards and being recognized in the Doctors practicing country as a specialist is essential.

Do I have to pay a commission to IDN?
The only fees paid by the physician to IDN are the initial application and a re-credentialing fee every three years to maintain records verified as required in the USA.

So I’m credentialed then what?
IDN through its sister companies works to provide the network to third parties such as TPAs, Insurers and large corporations. Additionally, MedAfford Global Utilizes the network exclusively for all its Medical travel benefit customers.