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MedAfford Global is a company dedicated to changing the Medical Travel paradigm, led by experienced professionals in the benefits industry, who recognize the superior quality and cost savings available to the healthcare market in Costa Rica.

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We recognize that this potential will remain untapped unless major employers and insurers in the U.S., are convinced that their liability and risk can be reduced while still assuring them decreased costs for healthcare. To overcome this concern, we have developed the International Doctors Network to ensure that practitioners and providers outside of the U.S. are equivalently credentialed to those of any network available in the U.S.

Employers, third party administrators, insurance carriers, and associations continue to seek a healthcare spectrum that is effective, affordable, and adequate. They also seek to maintain the quality of such services, while preserving the freedom of their employees or members to select a Doctor, Surgeon or Dentist of their choice who is located outside of the U.S.

The founders of MedAfford Global have years of experience in the insurance product industry with the ability to place the International Doctors Network before employers, Third Party Administrator’s (TPA’S), insurance carriers and associations.